Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Reviews to Come

I'm planning on reviewing in the near future, the following panties.

  • Cacique Cotton String Bikini
  • Cacique Stretch Cotton Thong
  • Cacique Cotton Boyshorts.
  • and some Victoria's Secret Panties
So stay tuned!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Victoria's Secret Cotton Bikini

I won't dive too much into this one, because I believe that alot people are already familiar with Victoria's Secret line of Panties. This particular bikini comes from their Cotton Lingerie line. I like this bikini for several reasons, VS has plenty of pleasing and cute patterns to choose from including the one pictured above. They wear well, I don't find them to be uncomfortable as the day goes on. The Cotton is supersoft which always a plus. They also give your behind area a very pleasing appearance.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Review: Warner's All Day Fit Hipster Style #5639

Brand: Warner's
Style: Hipsters
Name: All Day Fit Hipster (style #5639)
Item Location: Any Major Department Stores
Score 5 out of 5 Panties.

I will not bore you with a overly long review, since the same points I mention in my "All Day Fit Bikini" review is relevant in this case too. However, these panties has one major exception to them. I did not experience any "wedgie" factor with the Hipsters as I did with the Bikinis. Maybe, this is because hipsters have a fuller back coverage to them. I don't know. I did find them to be more comfortable than the bikini's. Hence, the reason for the higher score.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review: Warner's All Day Fit Bikini Style #5539

Brand: Warner's
Style: Bikini
Name: All Day Fit Bikini (Style #5539)
Item Location: Any Major Department Stores.
Score 4 out of 5 Panties.

These panties has a fabric content of 81% nylon and 19% spandex usually term as microfiber. This fabric lends greatly to how sliky smooth this bikini is against your skin. This brings me to my point, because of how well done the fabric is, the panty is extremely comfortable to wear. It's nice sometimes, to get away from cotton. However, unfortunely, these panties has a "wedgie" factor to them. Over time, I have noticed that they do tend to ride up a bit. Since this is not overly noticeable, they still manage to get a 4, yet it still decreases the comfort level.

Warner's did a good job in the fit department. These panties fit in almost every way possible and they will move with you throughout the day. As seen in the pictures they added a thicker than normal leg bands of which I found to be a nice touch and allowed the leg openings to be a bit more free.

The styling is nothing really special. However, this does not mean they don't look good. In fact, they do.  It's just I did not find any flare to them or anything that would blow my mind. Nothing to write home about.

Overall, I think Warner's did a nice job on all three points comfort, fit, and style. I would have give these Panties a perfect score of 5, if it would not have been for the "wedgie" factor.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review: Cacique Stretch Cotton Hipsters

Brand: Cacique (Lane Bryant)
Style: Hipsters
Name: Stretch Cotton Hipsters
Item Location: Lane Bryant Stores/
Score 5 out of 5 Panties.

Hipsters is possibly the best style of Panties out there. In my opinion, they are the best compromise between a Thong and Full Coverage Briefs. They are also, very flattering on all different body types and has a very youthful design at the same time. Cacique Stretch Cotton Hipsters just reinforces these points. Cacique/Lane Bryant has done a very good job in designing and presenting these hipsters.

The comfort level of these panties closely matches the level of Full Briefs. They definitely have that all day / everyday comfort feeling to them. If I have to be out and about, or I have a long work day ahead of me, these Hipsters would be in my top 5. Over the course of the day, I don't grow tiresome of these panties. The cotton is also very soft which greatly enhances the comfort level.

They fit great. There is a good amount of "Stretch" to them which I found helps alot in getting the right fit across the broad spectrum of people. They won't ride up and stays in place through out the day. The waist band also does not roll down. I have also noticed that these Panties will move with you and not against you.

Lane Bryant has also payed alot attention to style/fashion portion of the Hipsters. They have the usual selection of Solid colors, Black, Red, Purple, etc. However, they really have shine in the patterns. They are very cute and sexy. I would imagie, the patterns would be pleasing to almost any girl.

The Cacique Stretch Cotton Hipsters has covered all the Three major points (Comfort, Fit, and Style) very well. I really have not found any faults yet on any of Cacique Panties. However, I have heard that their Quality Control is not the greatest at times. I have not experienced this yet.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Best Alternative to Granny Panties.

This article is for the Women out there, that can't stand thongs and Full Coverage Briefs. I think the best alternative in this place would be either, a Hipster or Boy Short Panties. These two styles of panties provides both full front & back coverage. Also, they usually sits well below your natural waist line. Hipsters are more of a "Modern Brief" with the front being very similar to a Regular Brief.

Excerpts taken from Bare Necessities Panty Glossary
A mid coverage panty, which is a moderately low rise cross between a bikini and a brief. Hipsters are a modern and comfortable take on the classic brief and are less bulky than a boyshort. Hipsters are virtually invisible under mid-rise pants.

Boyshorts offer full coverage in a modern silhouette. Boyshorts are a perfect everyday alternative and offer comfortable coverage under clothing.

Image of a Barely There Flawless Fit Hipsters:


Image of Lane Bryant's Cacique Boy Shorts:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Best of Granny Panties #3

Brand: Warners
Style: Hi-Cut
Name: Without A Stitch Hi-Cut Brief (style #5173)
Item Location: Any Major Department Stores.
Score: 5 Panties out of 5.

I'm going make this review short and sweet, because I think alot of women will agree this is one of best Hi-Cut panties around. The two major critical elements of a "Good Panty" is Comfort and Fit. This Hi-Cut panty has both of those elements covered extremely well. This is definitely a long-lasting, all day comfortable brief. Also, it will not ride up on you, and the waist band will not roll down. The leg openings are fairly wide, so it won't feel restrictive around your legs. I also like how this panty is seamless and microfiber. A very smooth panty.

I'm also not alone in my opinion of this being a excellent Hi-Cut Brief. This Panty won the "Select Hi-Cut Brief" from Her Room 2009 Undie Awards. The comments from HerRoom customers were also very positive. Select Comments are below.

Love these panties. Have lots of them. They're comfortable and lie smooth under any outfit. They're well-constructed using durable fabric that stands up to machine washing and drying. They come in popular colors that match other undergarments. They also flatter a full figure. 
Very comfortable, fit great, no complaints! Glad I found these online. Bought several pair.
A great comfortable panty, can wear during sports or just normal everyday. Doesn't ride up yet has full coverage. Showed a little panty lines though at times...holds up after several washes...Recommended. 
Perfect panty! They go where they're supposed to go and stay there all day. The fabric is soft and smooth which allow pants to be easily pulled up over them. And they are still perfect after repeated machine washing and drying.
I live in dread that Warners will stop making these! They are extremely comfortable and don't bind or ride up. The high-cut thigh is very flattering. 
I was devastated when I could no longer find these panties in the department store. They are , by far the best-fitting panty for the woman who no longer wears bikini. They hug where they are supposed to, but "give" where they need to without looking like a "granny" panty. I was thrilled when I saw I could purchase them on "Her Room". Ladies, I guarantee you will love these panties!!!  

Also here is the video from the 2009 Her Room Undie Awards: